7 Staging Tips to Sell During the Holidays

Your friends may think you’re crazy for having your home on the market during this time of year. But you’ve done your homework AND consulted with an experienced real estate professional. The answer: Yes there are definitely fewer people looking at homes this time of year. But those who ARE looking are serious.

Let’s make the most of this busy season and use every advantage to put you property in its best light.

#1 Clear a Path

In the Northeast, the holiday season can mean a lot of snow and ice. Ensuring your driveway and walkways are clear is time well spent before prospective buyers arrive and, if part of your curb appeal includes pavers, stamped concrete or decorative stone, this will help visitors appreciate it through the winter weather. Snow and ice-melt are often used to keep exterior walkways clear, so be careful how much is used. Both can create a bigger chore when it comes to keeping the interior floors clean and many visitors may not like the “crunch” sound made by stepping on salt crystals INSIDE the house.

#2 Preparing to Decorate

We know you keep a clean home but we all tend to get accustomed to our own “stuff”. Before pulling out the holiday decorations, step back and take an objective look at your home. Are there little repairs that need to be completed? Touching up the paint on wall-corners, maybe? These little jobs are much easier to perform when wreaths and strings of lights are NOT in your way.

#3 Complimentary decorations

There are some decorations we collect as the years go by. Perhaps some of your favorites have a sentimental value. You know the story behind that wall hanging, but the prospective buyer does not. So before going all-out, take a good long look at your holiday décor. Remember: This year you’re decorating to impress the buyers, not for you.

#4 Lighting Sets, Wreaths and Pine Boughs

As real estate professionals our goal is to SELL your property and sometimes these transactions can be completed quickly. That means that all the decorating you’ve done will also need to be un-done. Use of lighting sets vs individual pieces can be a great choice! Simply put, removing a pine bough or wreath that covers and mantle or small table is far less work than removing a series of a dozen smaller ornaments.

#5 Holiday Scent

For you, perhaps the smell of pine or a favored candle scent is what makes your home feel like the holidays. These scents can be very personal. So consider going gently. Some real estate professionals have a tried and true process they follow. Among them are (sometimes) fresh cookies. Regardless, ask your real estate agent what she or he would recommend. It’s important to choose a professional and accomplished team, and then listen to them.

#6 Daily clean up

We know you’re already on top of the regular daily cleaning for your home. But if your holiday decorations include candles, a pine tree or other decorations that can “shed”, a daily dose of vacuuming is in order to keep your place ready for that buyer who wants to know “if they can see the house tonight”.

#7 Short term storage

Last but not least. If you’re truly preparing for a move already and really want to make your home feel as big as it is, ordering a short term storage pod is an excellent choice. Whether cleaning out the garage or basement this step allows you to pre-pack some items as well as show off some of the reasons you bought your current home: For the space to use!

We’d be pleased to help you sell your current home or buy your next one! At Hollycreek Homes we take great pride in the trust so many Western New Yorkers have placed in us.
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