10 Small steps for big selling value

If you’ve lived in your current home for a few years, odds are pretty good that its no longer “perfect”. Oh, we understand you still like your home and the neighborhood. But you and your family have LIVED in your home for some time and now the challenge is trying to look at your home as if YOU were buying it. Before listing your home

10. Clean like you’re trying to impress. Whether you choose to scrub every nook and cranny or hire professionals. This step alone can speed the selling process and price.

9. Consider curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint on the front door; Replacing the used “Welcome mat” and Tidy landscaping make a tremendous first impression.

8. Painting or simply touching up. If your walls have seen years of “love” from the kids, it might be time to paint. If however all you need are touch ups on the corners (which tend to be nicked and dented), be sure to attend to these. Many won’t notice the repairs unless they’re left undone.

7. Little fixes: Loose door knobs or drawer handles. We know these probably fell off the “honey-do-list”. You’re busy. But let’s be sure they don’t fall off in the hands of those looking at your home.

6. Simplify decorations and artwork. We don’t want you to completely change your decor. But some personal items that prospective buyers might “question” may be better served stored away for you.

5. Light and more light. Start by washing the windows and them let the sunshine in.

4. De-clutter the closets. Yes, closets are often where “all the stuff goes”. But a full closet only serves the one living in the home. Your prospective buyers want to see how big your closets are (so they can imaging how well it will hide THEIR belongings).

3. Update lighting fixtures in the kitchen. Rather than a complete kitchen or bathroom make-over, consider changing out dated lighting for new.

2. Edge and trim the back yard. Once those who are “looking” have made it through the home, their next stop is often the backyard. Make it inviting and neat.

1. Call a Real Estate professional! At our count-down, let us share with you why this is #1. Home owners who wisely contact a reliable real estate professional in their area receive the benefit of their experience and home traditionally sell for significantly more.

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