Nothnagle’s 7 Step Marketing Plan

Step 1: A better way to price your home.

Nothnagle’s exclusive Absorption Rate Calculator provides a scientific and reliable method for pricing your home right. In order to get your home to sell faster, at the best possible price, the Absorption Rate Calculator take several important factors into consideration:
• The number of properties currently on the market.
• The number of properties in your home’s price range.
• The number of properties that will be competing with your listing.
Holly and her team will review your customized Absorption rate with your Comparative Market Analysis and study it throughout the listing period to ensure your property is in the best possible price range.

Step 2: Guaranteed print advertising.

Print advertising is not dead! A recent study by Google proved that print ads drive web traffic. In Rochester, the Gallery of Homes insert in the Saturday D&C reaches an average of 370,000 readers-more than any area real estate web site reached in a day.

Holly and her team will create the most compelling print ads possible, maximizing demand and increasing traffic to your open house. In order to reach the most motivated homebuyers, Holly Creek will advertise your property in the D&C Real Estate section on a consistent rotating basis with a variety of ad sizes.

Step 3: Rochester’s most effective real estate web site.
Using the web to promote your home is not enough. You need to make sure you are using the web to attract potential buyers to your home!

How do you do that? By listing your home on, ranked the 8th best real estate brokerage website in the country.

• is the real estate web site with the most traffic in the region. And that’s important. Some companies talk about the number of visitors to national websites. But real estate is a local business. So what matters is the amount of local traffic from the website to your home.
• averages 60,000 property views per day. No other local website comes close to this amount of traffic. On average, five prospective buyers will visit your listing per day – that’s five additional showings that you otherwise would not have without
• currently have nearby 10,000 buyers signed up through My Nothnagle to receive listings the instant they become available.
• makes it possible for buyers to access information on your home from anywhere-using their computers, cell phones or mobile devices.
• has the only website in the area with Guided Tours, a narrated video tour, another powerful way to showcase and sell your home.
• was named “Best Interactive Site” in 2010 by the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.

There’s no doubt-marketing your home on the web is critical. That’s way its so important to list your home on With Nothnagle, you can feel confident that your home is listed on the most popular, most effective real estate website in the region.

Step 4: Getting the most from video marketing.

Nothnagle gives you every possible opportunity to market your home with video.

Guided Tours: This exclusive feature of Nothnagle’s website takes home videos to the next level with narration that highlights all the selling points of your home. Guided tours draw an average of 10,000 additional viewers per month.

Nothnagle.TV: Nothnagle.TV allows buyers to create their own customized TV show to view in high-definition. Buyers choose a location and price range, then view the homes they’re most interested in. This draws an average of 12,000 viewers per month.

YouTube: Nothnagle’s YouTube Channel brings an average 5,000 prospective buyers into Nothnagle listings every month. Viewers see a video of your property and then have the option to contact the agent directly.

Sunday Showcase of Homes: Homes featured on Nothnagle’s Rochester TV show, Sunday Showcase of Homes, are seen by an average of 40,000 viewers each week and generate more open house activity.

Step 5: Home info that’s available anytime, anywhere. provides information about your home on buyers’ mobile devices.

• When buyers see your For Sale sign, Nothnagle’s 4-SALE LINE provides home sellers with some other remarkable benefits:
• When buys call Nothnagle’s 4-SALE LINE, they hear important information about your home, often when they’re right in front of it.
• The 4-SALE LINE letshome buyers transfer directly to Holly and her team so they can set up an appointment to see your home.
• Contact information on prospective buyers who inquire about your home is sent instantly to Holly and her teams for quick follow up.
• This tracks results of your home marketing efforts and gives Holly a Media Tracking Report to show you how Nothnagle’s advertising is working for you.
• Research shows that Nothnagle 4-SALE LINE signs generate more regional calls per listing.
• Nothnagle’s 4-SALE LINE works because every listing has a unique Property Code assigned to it.

Step 6: A better approach to keeping you informed.
Nothnagle’s Weekly Market Report – a Nothnagle Exclusive – gives you a complete update on marketing activity each and every week.
• Detailed information directly to your e-mail!
• Your Marketing Report tells you exactly how many people inquired about your home from Nothnagle’s website and from the 4-SALE LINE.
• You will also get information on competing properties in your neighborhood, valuable market intelligence that can help you sell your home faster and at the best possible price.

Step 7: The area’s number one real estate company COMBINED with the area’s number one real estate agent.
Holly and her team receive the most extensive marketing support of any agent in the region.
• That’s why, year after year, Nothnagle and Holly have such impressive results:
• Nothnagle outsells our closest competitor by a ratio of 4 to 1.
• Over half of Nothnagle’s listings are sold in house by other Nothnagle agents.
• Nothnagle had over $1.1 billion in sales last year, making Nothnagle the only Rochester-based company listing on the REALTOR Magazine Top 100 Report.

The Nothnagle 7 Step Marketing System. 2010-2013. Nothnagle Realtors <>