Your home at the Lake

During your travels for work or play, when you get the chance to talk with fellow travelers, conversations often turn to “home”, “So, where do you live?” If you’re an upstate New York resident, you may already have a smirk on your face. You know where this is going. “Upstate New York”, you reply. Those who only heard “New York” are thinking…Noisy, Busy, Expensive, All business. But you know better. Set in a lovely section of upstate New York, is the Finger Lakes region. While the vast continental U.S. landscape sees almost nothing of waterside property and activities, we enjoy an amazing abundance of this rare and precious commodity. Water. And as far as real estate goes, Water-front property is always in demand. If you’ve never lived by the water, do yourself a favor during your next vacation, rent a house lakeside in the Finger Lakes. Be careful! You might just fall in love with the idea of lakefront living

If you’d found your dream-house by the lake, your day might look like this…

Good morning

If you’re an early-riser, you’ll enjoy starting the day with your favorite breakfast and the sunrise on any one of the lakes in our region. Canandaigua and Conesus Lakes offers spectacular views throughout the year. And whether your favorite start is watching the sun rise or rolling out of bed once the dew is off the grass, there’s nothing like starting your day accompanied by the sound of the water.

Mid Day

Are you ready for some fun? Sailing, jet skis and boating of all sorts are available at any of the lakes. If you want a quieter time, Loon or Silver Lake offer smaller, more secluded venues while Ontario (one of the Great Lakes) provides wide open space and the opportunity for a day trip to Canada. In order to enjoy our neighbors to the north, remember to have your passport or enhanced license with you.


If you’ve spent the day boating, tubing or water skiing, you and your group have probably worked up an appetite. Rochester and the surrounding areas offer a great array or fine dining and casual fare. T-Shirt and flip-flops, doesn’t mean you’ll have to go for fast food though. Many of the restaurants cater to boaters in the area. You’ll find a scrumptious list of water side restaurant at Water-Front Food – Rochester and Seize the Weekday. Other lakes Like Honeoye offer places like The Boathouse Grille for a Casual place to hang out with friends after a long day on the water.


Enjoy and one of the beautiful lake sunsets, like Owasco. Is a wonderful way to wind to truly appreciate a northern summer evening.


If you’re looking for a more romantic location with a view, places like the Savannah House on Seneca Lake offer wonderful accommodations.

Lulled to sleep by the waves

Well, you’ve had a full day and finally returned to your dream home by the lake.
With the windows open, you’re lulled to sleep by the waves. We’ve come full circle and it’s a beautiful end to a beautiful day. If you’ve worked with the Holly Creek Team to find your lake-side home, not only did you receive the help of top-notch real estate professionals, but you’ve had the opportunity to review some of our area’s most amazing homes.

For those who are considering a tour of these lake front properties, Holly Creek Homes would be happy to help you indult your new found fancy. We handle premier properties on the surrounding lakes as well as many other local water fronts.

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