Houses for Sale in Fairport NY

The Erie Canal has a fascinating history and was instrumental in the establishment of many communities along its route. These towns became important ports and made a great contribution to the region’s economy. These days the canal is used for recreation rather than transport, and is a beautiful resource for the people of the Upstate. Small towns like Fairport and Pittsford still center on the canal, which gives them a special character and charm. There are houses for sale in Fairport NY located very near the canal and all of the recreational opportunities it offers.

There are a number of small communities within a short drive of Rochester that offer an alternative to urban living and a connection with the natural beauty of the Upstate. A family interested in living near the Erie Canal would do well to investigate houses for sale in Fairport NY, while those preferring a home near the Finger Lakes might find it among the homes for sale Canandaigua NY. There are a surprising variety of options available in the vicinity of Rochester.

Fairport NY Houses for Sale

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