Megan DiPasquale

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Megan’s career in real estate began in 1986 with a commercial real estate developer in Boston, MA.
She relocated to Rochester in 1991 to learn and work alongside her mother an Rochester real estate legend, Judy Farrell. After her youngest child went off to college 2016, Megan joined Holly Creek, another Rochester legend to continue to push herself in her field. Megan prides herself on being available to clients trough text, call and in person meetings all around town: realtors are working when everyone else isn’t! Megan’s experience enables her to offer personalized guidance to a diverse array of home buyers from first timers to empty nesters planning their next move. Megan is not afraid to let a buyer know her true thoughts on a home: she believes it is a realtor’s job to protect her clients’ best interest by openly discussing the pro’s and the con’s of every home.

Megan and her husband, Joe have been married for 30 years with a blended family of five children and seven local grandchildren. She has a passion for serving in the community in which she was born and raised. You may spot Megan power-walking around the streets of Pittsford with friends and family.


“ I sought out Holly Creek for her reputation, knowing that she has been in the industry for many years. I couldn’t remember her name but finally did so after interviewing 3 other realtors, I came to Holly Creek. She provided excellent comparables that other realtors that others did not provide and was very professional. Megan Dipasquale was the realtor. We worked together
on the sale of my home and | felt like we were a team. Megan was respectful of my specific needs and understood that everyone has their own situation and that moving is difficult. I felt like I could tell her anything without judgement or scorn.
Megan has a comprehensive grasp of the real estate industry and understands the nuances of knowing that there is a human element to house sales and the difficult processes and emotional toll, complexities, and the shear magnitude of leaving a
home. My situation did not come to fruition but it was not the fault of my realtors or myself. The process was an evolution of circumstances that lead to the conclusion of keeping my home for the time being. I know however, when I am ready to sell again, and I will, Megan will be there for me ( hopefully) with full support and the professionalism that she has provided for this past process. Moving forward, I have learned through Megan, what to do and not to do in the real estate market and perhaps
make better decisions next time.”

Thank you,
Wendy Sacks